We believe in hydropower, one of the oldest and purest forms of renewable energy. As well as being an excellent source of baseload, Hydropower can also be incredibly versatile,  providing the ability to increase/decrease output very quickly in response to demand. The UK has a lot of untapped potential in the small-medium sub 1MWp market.



Natural retreats, one the world's leading providers of rural self-catering accommodation had purchased a tract of land deep in the heart of Snowdonia National Park.  The site is an old gold mine, which as well as providing an amazing site to develop sympathetic low impact accommodation happened to have very old, but defunct, hydroelectric workings.  Syzygy, as trusted advisor to Natural Retreats across all of their assets suggested that this old site could be brought back to life and would provide almost all of the energy required to power the accommodation development.  This fitted into the client's core objective of minimsing the carbon impact fo all fo their developments and maximising all opportunities to generate energy at the point of use.


We advised and managed the design and planning of the 100KW run-of-the-river hydroelectric scheme located on an old gold mine that has not been operating for several years along with the Environment agency application.


Syzygy managed the project through the grid connection, planning and EA abstraction license stages.  The project took almost three years to get to a consented stage.

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