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  • Prepare for the future

Syzygy is an independent renewable energy consultancy providing commercial property owners and occupiers with an accessible route into sustainability. Our ability to understand our clients' requirements allows us to deliver the optimal solution for them.

Founded in 2009, Syzygy's team of highly skilled and experienced alternative energy experts offer bespoke advice and manage projects for some of the UK's leading Asset Managers, REITs, Pension Funds and Commercial Property Investors.

We are Technology agnostic and have advised on, designed and developed many high profile projects including Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydropower, Renewable Heat, Biomass and Biofuels.


Priory Meadows Shopping Centre, Hastings

The system is made up of 670 Renesola 260W Solar PV panels, installed flat to the roof on a 20-30 degree roof pitch (dependent on roof area) with an installed capacity of 174.2KWp

The expected annual electricity generation has the equivalent ability to power 44 average homes

174,900 kWp
Expected annual electricity generation

St Elli Shopping Centre, Llanelli

The system is made up of 192 Risen 260W Solar PV panels installed at a 20 degree pitch on a flat roof area facing just off South, with an installed capacity of 50KWp

This saves approximately 24,179.57 kilograms of CO2 per year

47,000 kWp
Expected annual electricity generation

London City Bond Building, Barking

The system is made up of 1000 CSUN 250w Solar PV Panels raked south-east facing on a 10 degree fixed mounting frame.

This will significantly reduce demand from the grid throughout the year and is able to fully power London’s oldest bonded warehouse during daylight hours on a clear day.

216,000 kWh
Expected annual electricity generation

Pure Offices, 14 UK Sites

Syzygy Renewables was appointed by Northwood Investors to advise and manage a £2 million investment in solar power, with the installation of 4,500 solar panels on the majority of its Pure serviced offices throughout the UK. This is expected to save around 15,000 tons of CO2 emissions over the 25 year period.

Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

900 Solar Panels on a combination of standing seam and flat membrane roofs. This is the largest roof mounted Solar installation on a shopping centre in the UK and is a finalist for ‘UK Renewable Energy project of the Year’award.

250 kWp

Sovereign Shopping Centre, Boscombe

The 208 Suntech 240W Solar PV panels and SolarMax inverters

The need for a low-ballast system was addressed by installing an East/West Solar PV array. The system is performing almost as well as South facing installations in locations with similar irradiation levels.

48,000 kWh
Expected annual electricity generation

Brotherswood Court, Bristol

192 Trina 250W Solar PV panels were installed on the roofs of 4 ‘houses’ within the BrothersWood Court Office Park.

System provides 20% of the electricity requirement.

48,000 kWh
Expected annual electricity generation

Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre

PV installation was the first to incorporate the innovative Trinamount III mounting solution in Europe

This 100kWp Solar PV installation was the first to incorporate the innovative Trinamount III mounting solution in Europe

The system is divided into two 50kWp systems located on a combination of flat and sloped roofs. This Solar PV instalation was the first to incorporate the innovative Trinamount III mounting solution in Europe The system is divided into two 50kWp systems located on a combination of flat and sloped roofs. This Solar PV instalation was the first to incorporate the innovative Trinamount III mounting solution in Europe (click here to read more)

100 kWp
Expected annual electricity generation

X2 Hatton Cross

The system is made up of 400 Suntech 250W Solar PV panels installed at 10 degree pitch on a trapazoidal roof using Fronious Inverters

The Solar PV System powers the common areas of the building saving the tenants a significant portion of their electricity bill as well as reducing the building's carbon footprint

  • 25% reduction to electricity bills for common areas
  • Reduction of the service charge
  • Healthy financial return
100 kWp



Biomass is a form of stored solar energy and is available in a number of different forms. These include wood, straw, energy crops, sewage sludge, waste organic materials and animal litter.
Although burning biomass releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, this is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed in the original growth of the biomass, or captured in the growth of new biomass to replace the materials used. As a result, using biomass for heating/electricity generation results in very low net ‘lifecycle’ carbon emissions relative to conventional sources of heating, such as gas, heating oil or electricity.


Biofuels are any kind of fuel made from living things, or from the waste they produce. We use the term biofuels to encompass any alternative substitute for petrol or diesel or other liquid fuel made from processing plant material or waste oil.

Biofuels are not a recent development, they have been around as long as cars have. At the start of the 20th century, Henry Ford planned to fuel his Model Ts with ethanol, and early diesel engines were shown to run on peanut oil. They have though seen significant attention recently due to humanity’s ever-dwindling supply of natural resources or more specifically our over-dependence on fossil fuels.


Hydropower is one of the most efficient ways to generate electricity in the right locations.  C.16% of the world’s energy is generated by hydro schemes.  Hydro power is also incredibly versatile, providing the ability to increase/decrease output very quickly in response to demand.  The UK has a lot of untapped potential in the sub 1MWp market (small/medium)

Renewable Heat

We use more heat than electricity in the UK, however a unit of electricity is generally more expensive than a unit of heat – hence the focus within the renewable energy world has been more about electricity.  This should diminish the technologies or the taking advantage of the opportunities there are to generate heat from renewable sources.

Solar PV

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into energy. Panels (or photovoltaic panels if you prefer) generate DC power which is then converted into AC before being fed into the grid or a building’s supply

Whilst a nice sunny day will generate excellent output, the PV can produce energy on cloudy days, it is daylight that is required.

The beauty of solar in the context of UK Commercial property is that you are using space that has hitherto been unused (no ‘land cost’)and you can generate electricity to decrease grid usage and therefore reliance on ‘brown’ power.


The UK has some of the best wind resources in Europe that can be used as a low carbon renewable energy supply, to help meet our security of supply and climate change goals,

Onshore and offshore wind generation can make a significant contribution to the UK’s renewable energy targets and aspirations given the UK’s substantial wind resource and the relatively advanced nature of wind generation technology. The UK already has more offshore wind capacity than any other country in the world.

The combination of hands-on real estate asset management experience together with their obvious technical ability is what set them apart when assessing who to work with. We have been delighted with the work carried out and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other property owners

Ben Buckley-Sharp (Director), Aberdeen Asset Management

Syzygy handled the whole process from advising on the size of the installation, producing initial designs, tendering and project management. They delivered the project on time and on budget and are now managing and monitoring the the installation on an on-going basis... Gunwharf Quays now has the largest solar PV system on a shopping centre in the UK and has been nominated for UK Renewable Energy project of the year, which we are very proud of. We were very pleased with their work and would have no hesitation using them again and indeed recommending them to others. 

Rowan Packer (Energy Manager), Land Securities

Syzygy managed a retro-fit PV project for us at our Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre in Sheffield. They took the project from identifying the opportunity, producing the financial appraisals through to delivering the final installation and now they monitor it for us. We felt it was important to use an experienced specialist consultancy to run this project for us, and have been very pleased with Syzygy's work to this end. The installation was delivered on time and ahead of initial budget estimates. In summary, they handled all aspects of the project, including tendering the contract and monitoring the contractor, making what was a high profile project very simple for us to deliver. Our local team was particuarly impressed with their ability to work without affecting the day to day operation of the centre.

Tatiana Bosteels, Head of Responsible Property Investment, Hermes Real Estate

Meet the Team

Syzygy’s team is committed to delivering best in class service to our clients. We are very passionate about what we do, and care about how we do it.

Our team has over 40 years of industry experience, and has consistently delivered high quality projects for an impressive array of clients.

John Macdonald-Brown


"What we are seeing now as regards current and future legislation and policy-making is a very clear sign of where the agenda is being driven"

John managed commercial property funds from 1999 to 2009, at Ashtenne Holdings and subsequently at Spitfire Estates.  In this period John managed investment from AXA REIM, BlackRock and Lasalle IM.  

“The sustainability agenda has been the elephant in the room for many commercial property owners. What we are seeing now as regards current and future legislation and policy-making is a very clear sign of where the agenda is being driven. 

Planning requirements, 2018 minimum EPC requirements, 2019 zero-carbon development and the CRC regime to name but three….it is incumbent on property owners to introduce measures to improve building performance both in terms of reducing energy usage but also in finding ways to generate renewable energy on-site, it is going to be much more cost effective in the long run for those that take decisions now than it will be for those have changed forced up on them in later years.”

John set up Syzygy in 2009 aiming to help bridge the two worlds of renewable energy and commercial real estate.  Providing practical advice and to deliver well thought out and relevant renewable energy solutuions to property owners and occupiers.

Away from work John sails when he can, plays cricket, and occasionally golf.  In the winter, he can be found at most London Scottish home games, as a retired 1st XV player he is happy to bore the young athletes with advice on what it was like in his day!

John is married to Anna and they have two children, Tommy and Kitty.

Neil Sinclair


"Not being a contractor nor being wedded to any technologies really does allow us to deliver the optimum renewable generation solution for our clients"

Neil worked for 14 years at various financial institutions in London trading Emerging and European equities. His interests however lay elsewhere within renewable energy so in 2008/9 he completed a Masters at London business school and went on to set up and run a renewable energy contracting business, which he sold in 2011 prior to joining Syzygy. Neil brings practical experience in several of the major technologies as well as financial know how.

Away from work Neil loves to golf, ski and occasionally play tennis.
Neil is married to Bryony and they have three children, Cammy, Alex & Lochlan. He hopes all his boys play rugby for Scotland but if they fail to make the cut, the good news is they are eligible to play for England.

Debbie Curtis

Business Manager

Deb has over 15 years’ experience in all areas of Office Management and ensures the smooth day to day running of the Syzygy office. Her responsibilities also include HR, Payroll and Financial Management and with her professional experience combined with her enthusiastic and efficient approach is ideally suited to the company.She brings a vitality, professionalism and warmth, and a mind-set of service and advocacy to her work with clients and colleagues alike.

Deb plays netball regularly and does the odd bootcamp here and there, although she also enjoys a glass or two of red wine (with lemonade!)

Sab Hari

Project Engineer

Sab joined Syzygy’s Project Delivery team in 2014. He works closely with Craig in delivering Renewable Energy projects and operating clients’ portfolios of solar assets, ensuring their investment returns are on target. Sab holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Energy Technologies from the University of Southampton and has previously worked with a long standing Renewable Energy company. He has designed and delivered several domestic and commercial Renewables Energy projects in the UK.

Outside work, Sab is actively involved in socially relevant projects that deliver high quality service free of cost to the underprivileged.

Diogo Nunes

Project Engineer

Diogo graduated in Portugal as an Environmental Engineer in 2010. Since then he has studied and worked abroad in Spain, Saudi Arabia and France, giving him experience with working and dealing with different nationalities. During this time he has developed different undertakings, ranging from Engineering in Environment to R&D in Solar Technologies and even Logistics. He is looking forward to the challenge of developing his career and establishing himself at Syzygy and in the Renewable energy sector.

Outside of work Diogo loves outdoor and sporting activities.  He enjoys tennis and football, having played in some national and international competitions.

Michael Russell

Project Engineer

Michael is an electrical engineer with six years of experience working for consultancies in Australia including the consulting arm of Australia’s largest renewable energy generator, working on projects across Australia and the Pacific. His experience is in electrical design for utility and private clients as well as both solar and wind across multiple stages of project development.

Being new to the UK, Michael is looking forward to exploring more of Europe, especially London. He enjoys photography and is a keen cook.

Steve Freeman

Site Engineer

Steve is a qualified electrician and has worked in the renewable energy sector for many years, specialising in Solar PV for the past seven years. He has held various roles, from Technical Surveyor and Site Manager to O&M Technical Engineer and Lead Electrician.

Steve loves the outdoors, especially snowboarding, surfing and fishing. He has also studied Karate for the past 15 years and has achieved his black belt grade.


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